About our School

We at Davie Christian Academy we believe the foundation of a Christian preschool education is to best meet the spiritual and intellectual needs of a child. We enable them to interact with the world around them, we are dedicated to have our children reach the highest of academic standards while sharing Christian values as well as a building a foundation of Christian principals. It has been our experience that children who initiated their preschool years with us, they don’t forget their Christian experience at DCA. The purpose of the school is to give a solid academic foundation in the basic fundamentals of learning. Our Staff and administration work closely together to further their academic success and spiritual well-being.

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@DCApreschool Jun 22, 19:18

Our summer campers had a blast during their visit at Flamingo Gardens 😎 #supersummer

@DCApreschool Jun 22, 19:01

Painting volcanoes πŸŒ‹

@DCApreschool Jun 21, 21:48

Making volcanos πŸŒ‹πŸ˜Ž

@DCApreschool Jun 20, 17:06

Super Summer Fun! :)

@DCApreschool Jun 20, 16:02

These super heroes had a blast building catapults and marching during their very special parade :)

@DCApreschool Jun 18, 14:00

From all of us at DCA, enjoy a fun filled day. Keep on being strong, courageous, honorable and leading with... https://t.co/GHeaG5FrzP

@DCApreschool Jun 13, 21:48

2K cooking project

@DCApreschool Jun 13, 21:41

Our Super Summer is off to an awesome start with a learning adventure at the Old Davie School Museum! #summertime πŸ˜Žβ˜€οΈ #dcasupersummer

@DCApreschool Jun 09, 04:07

3K end of the year fun πŸ™‚

@DCApreschool Jun 07, 17:31

Vpk graduation 2017 https://t.co/eKahZS4foR

@DCApreschool Jun 07, 16:41

Vpk graduation 2017 https://t.co/xickJETmvo

@DCApreschool Jun 06, 20:13

#3k Silly hat day :)

@DCApreschool Jun 06, 16:24

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/YvKu2EEGmE

@DCApreschool Jun 06, 16:06

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/qUVitfu1ai

@DCApreschool Jun 06, 15:50

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/Ooyr2p9tKz

@DCApreschool Jun 06, 15:20

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/RLx3nEUCmx

@DCApreschool Jun 06, 15:19

Playing Ball at Beach πŸ˜‰ https://t.co/M29qF9obwr

@DCApreschool Jun 03, 02:54

Fun at the pond πŸ˜ŽπŸΈπŸ¦†

@DCApreschool Jun 02, 16:30

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/8YdubkB3db

@DCApreschool May 26, 16:00

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/E8yQ6wQYIl

@DCApreschool May 19, 19:41

Caterpillars and ladybugs 🐞 πŸ› #busybees 🐝

@DCApreschool May 19, 18:07

Just a few pictures from our Insect University Day at School.

@DCApreschool May 19, 16:39

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/LOBKQ2r2RQ

@DCApreschool May 19, 15:53

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/T1XbF7xLLE

@DCApreschool May 18, 21:05

Enjoy our hip hop dance!!!!! https://t.co/AuI6In4pQq

@DCApreschool May 16, 16:03

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/0a9B4Ull4Q

@DCApreschool May 15, 15:24

I posted a new video to Facebook https://t.co/4UVItDu9V2

@DCApreschool May 14, 14:00

I posted a new photo to Facebook https://t.co/PZLwS2Hb3f